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What You Need to Know About Cremation in Warwick, RI


Is there specific information that needs to be evaluated if you are considering cremation for yourself or a loved one? Many families stick with a traditional funeral plan because they don’t realize the other options that are available. Instead of rushing into the decision, we encourage you to take the time that is needed so that you can compare the services that are offered. Our company is here to help with traditional funerals as well as cremation in Warwick, RI.


At Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home, we offer compassion and care for your family during this difficult time. Words aren’t sufficient to explain the struggle that you are facing when you lose a loved one. We know that you are working through the grief, so our team is here to reduce your worries and stress in this experience.


As you learn more about our funeral home, you will see that we provide much more than basic funeral services. The goal is to support your desires and make it as easy as possible to say goodbye. You can’t bring back the person who has been lost. But, you can honor their memory with a beautiful, respectful funeral or cremation.


Honoring Life with Cremation in Warwick, RI


Cremation is the way the body will be laid to rest, and this service offers an honorable way to say goodbye. Some families find that cremation is a better solution compared to casket burial. When you choose cremation, it gives you the flexibility that is desired in choosing the place where the person is laid to rest.


In addition to the basic cremation service, you can choose other funeral home offerings that will support the needs of everyone who would like to participate in the event. For example, we can plan a funeral or memorial if you want to have a place where people can meet together. Or, you might select a Celebration of Life if you want to share memories without the formal gathering.


As you are honoring the life of your loved one, you need to consider the unique details that will showcase their accomplishments, hobbies, and more. This event is not only a time for family members to work through the grief and find closure in the situation. But, it is also a chance to share details that made the person unique.


Unique Options After Cremation


When you are choosing a final resting place after cremation in Warwick, RI, you might talk to our team about the unique options that are available. Receiving the cremated ashes is just the first step to laying the person to rest. Some families want to honor the life differently, so they are looking for an alternative to a cemetery burial. Here are a few options that you might consider:


  • Cemetery Burial: This choice can be a great way to blend the modern end of life services with traditions that need to be maintained in the family. The urn can be buried in the family plot, giving you a place to visit when you want to remember the person. Most families choose a cemetery location that is close to home, with a beautiful headstone to honor the life of that person.

  • Scattering Outside: Where do you want to scatter the ashes? If you have family property, then it might be nice to scatter the ashes close to home. Or, you can choose a special place that the person enjoyed visiting. Talk to us about the details so that we can help you determine whether permission is needed before the ashes are scattered in a specific location.

  • Mausoleum: Create a long-lasting memorial by placing the ashes in an above-ground mausoleum or another similar location. This solution is a perfect way to honor the traditions of some families and religions.

  • Garden: You have the option to create a memorial garden where the ashes are scattered. Choose the person’s favorite plants and flowers to leave a legacy of the life that is shared after they are gone.

  • Tree: Did you know that the ashes can be planted with a tree? Pick a location where you want to place the tree as a memorial to your loved one. Then, scatter the ashes in the hole before the tree is placed in the ground.


If you need support in choosing the right place to lay your loved one to rest, then our team is here to assist. We can answer your questions about cremation in Warwick, RI. Call Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home or visit us at 982 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI 02888. We are always on call to schedule transportation or answer your questions: (401) 461-4843