Tips for Planning a Cremation Memorial Service

Tips for Planning a Cremation Memorial Service

Every family addresses the passing of a loved one in a unique and personal way. The choice between in-ground burial and cremation is one point that differs from family to family and even between members of a family.

Many cultures and individuals prefer cremation due to the practice’s age, its greener impact on the environment, and its simplistic beauty and symbolism. Anyone considering this type of event has no shortage of tips for planning a cremation memorial service.

Common Types of Cremation Services

Cremation is a traditional and ancient form of burial that has grown into a diverse array of modern traditions. What one family considers the best way to have a cremation may look entirely different for another. For many, a direct cremation allows the family to prepare for a later memorial service or to grieve privately.

Others blend the cremation services into the funerary service as part of a complete event. Many choose to precede cremation with the funeral. Finally, others follow up with other events such as a celebration of life. How one chooses to define and arrange cremation depends on preference and family traditions.

Involve Friends and Family

What makes any service memorable is when everyone has an equal say. After all, funeral services exist to provide closure for all surviving friends and family. Therefore, everyone must have a chance to pay their respects. Choosing the right home and venue is just the start.

Most services also include catered light food and beverages, arranged flower displays, and a selection of music. Besides this, individuals often choose to make up memorial cards and photo displays to share the loved one’s many beautiful moments with the guests. There’s no shortage of creative opportunities to express love and gratitude towards an individual’s life.

Work Together With the Funeral Home

Most funeral homes provide several services to help ease the burden of planning. Investigate the offerings of local homes near you and take the time to meet with the staff. It’s essential to feel comfortable with the chosen home to ensure the services go off without a hitch. Also, many homes will provide helpful tips for planning a cremation memorial service that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Discuss what options they can assist with, such as obituary writing, memorial card printing, and so on. By working with the funeral home throughout the entire process, family members can spend more time grieving and supporting each other.

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