Preplanning with West Warwick, RI Funeral Homes can Save You Grief

Planning for a funeral isn’t an activity most people are keen on doing. It forces us to confront our mortality. It forces us to accept the reality that we will lose a loved one or pass on soon. Nevertheless, preplanning with West Warwick, RI funeral homes is indispensable because funerary expenses have a large impact on most families. Planning a funeral in advance can help you get the services you really want, and not things your family members are choosing based on emotions. Plus, if you pay in advance, you wipe that burden away from your loved ones as well. 


There are a number of services that can go into a person’s final disposition. If you choose cremation, that is just one option. Traditional burials are a different story and come with packages that include everything you need. These include not only the cost of the funeral service itself, but a casket, embalming fees, a burial plot, gravestone, and so on. It’s essential for you to view a funeral not as a system or thing that you just do in the aftermath of a death, but as a business transaction. You need to keep a close eye on the goods and services that you’re paying for. Preplanning for a funeral will allow you to do so and put you in the right state of mind. The last thing you want to do is plan for a funeral after being caught off guard by a death. At an already stressful time, you’ll be prone to making mistakes, and spending thousands of dollars which you may not have needed to spend. 


The first thing to do is to know what kind of funeral you want to have. What’s your priority? Is it to save on costs, to have a spiritually satisfying funeral regardless of the price, or something else? 


Once you know your priorities, you can start putting together the funeral of your choice. If saving money is an important priority for you, a direct cremation is the least expensive service, as it nullifies the need to purchase anything. The only cost is the cremation itself. If you prefer aspects of a traditional funeral, you can have a service such as a eulogy and wake, and then have a cremation afterward, which will nullify your need to purchase a casket, burial plot, and gravestone. 


If you’ve decided that a traditional funeral is the most important thing to you, preplanning with a funeral home may make it easier for you to pay for the service, as you might be able to structure it in a preferable way. This would be agreed to in a preneed contract at the end of the process. 


You should never agree to a preneed contract without doing due diligence with an experienced funeral director. If you have any questions about preplanning with West Warwick, RI funeral homes, don’t hesitate to contact the Frank P. Trainor and Sons Funeral Home. The owner, Michael, has decades of experience as a funeral director and will answer your questions with empathy. You can reach him by calling (401) 461-4843. The Frank P. Trainor and Sons Funeral Home is located at 982 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, RI 02888.

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