Making The Decision For Cremation

There are a lot of thoughts that go through your mind that might scare you. Thoughts of the future and where you might be ten years from now. Thoughts about what might happen to your children. Thoughts about how you will pass on and what will happen after that. While you don’t like to think about such things, the future is on the horizon and you never know what it will bring. It’s best to prepare in any way you can. Think about cremation in West Warwick, RI even while you are healthy so you can decide if it’s the right path for you. That way, when the time comes, your family will know what you want and will be able to carry your wishes out with ease and peace of mind. How do you decide? Here are a few tips to help: 


You Want Options 

If you go with a traditional funeral, the rituals involved with that ceremony can be very comforting. But perhaps, for whatever reason, you don’t like them. Maybe you don’t want people viewing your body after you are gone or perhaps you don’t like the somber feeling that comes with funeral services. If that sounds like you, cremation is a better fit. With cremation, you have plenty of options to consider. You can have whatever type of service you want after the cremation takes place and it can be a celebration of life, at a park, or even in your own home. These options are great to consider when you have cremation planned for yourself. 


You Don’t Want To Spend A Lot 

If you’re the type of person who would always rather spend your money on other people, outside of yourself, you probably don’t want anyone to spend a large amount on your final services. You want your family to get the closure they need, but you don’t want them to go into debt doing it. Cremation is a great fit for those on a budget because it simply costs less. Even if you have the money for a traditional funeral, you might prefer that money go to family instead of to your services. There are options with cremation, but most of them cost far less than a regular funeral and your money can stay with family instead. 


If you want to think about your final services more in depth, contact Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home at (401) 461-4843. We can talk to you about cremation in West Warwick, RI and give you all of the information and details you need to decide if it’s right for you. We don’t push you in any direction, we simply give you what you need to make an informed decision. And, once those plans are in place, your family will know what you want and you can move on with the more pleasant things in your life. Visit our funeral director at 982 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI 02888 and get your final plans in order so everything is lined up for your family. 

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