How to Save Money with Cranston, RI Cremations

The sheer expense of a funeral can often leave families even more devastated on the heels of having lost a loved one. Families often find themselves in unexpected situations when they have to plan a funeral. Plus, spending money after a death can be emotional, which could saddle families with services they don’t really need. Cranston, RI cremations have become more popular over the past two decades, often because a cremation service saves families the need to pay certain traditional funeral expenses. For example, a cremation allows families to avoid the need to purchase a casket. Direct cremations are the least expensive kind of funerary procedure, as almost all of the traditional expenses are avoided, should you choose one. 


A direct cremation is a procedure where the body is cremated shortly after death, before any kind of funeral or memorial service has taken place. The rapidity of the service means that the traditional embalming fees, funeral service fees, burial plot, gravestone, and so on, are avoided. As a result, a direct cremation is the most cost-effective kind of funerary practice.  


There are a number of ways in which you are able to save money with this kind of process. The cremation provider cannot require consumers to purchase a casket for the service. This is important, as a casket can potentially cost thousands of dollars. You don’t have to worry about being forced into buying a casket when you don’t really need one. 


The cremation provider will return the remains of your loved one in a container of your choice, should you provide one. For example, if there’s an urn of special significance that you give to the cremation provider, your loved one’s remains must be returned to you in that urn. If you don’t provide a container, the remains will be returned to you in one provided by the crematory. You don’t have to buy anything fancy, if you choose not to do so. 


After the cremation ends, the memorial service or funeral that the family wishes to hold is up to them. Families have more options with cremation than they do traditional burials. The remains of a loved one can be scattered in an area that was of special significance to him or her, or can be kept close at hand. Families can save money and still hold a memorial service of the kind they desire. That kind of flexibility may give families comfort throughout the process. They are able to honor their loved one with any type of memorial they choose after the cremation portion is complete. 


Should you have any questions about Cranston, RI cremations, don’t hesitate to contact the Frank P. Trainor and Sons Funeral Home. The owner, Michael, has decades of experience as a funeral director and will answer your questions and concerns with empathy, professionalism, and understanding. You can reach him by calling (401) 461-4843. The Frank P. Trainor and Sons Funeral Home can be found at 982 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, RI 02888, which is about 10 minutes away from the downtown Providence area. 

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