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Family Owned and Operated Funeral Home and Cremation in Cranston, RI


It is hard to put into words the pain and grief that you are feeling when losing someone that you love. Death can be expected or not, but it is always a challenging experience to say goodbye to a family member. At Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home, we understand the loss that you are facing right now, and our goal is to reduce your burdens and support your needs during this time in your life. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about funeral and cremation in Cranston, RI.


We have a family owned and operated business, giving you the personal attention that you deserve. On the day of the funeral, you should spend the time sharing memories with your loved ones and reflecting on the special moments that happened over the years. There is no reason why you should be caught up in the details of the funeral plan or logistics. Instead, let our team manage the behind-the-scenes work so that you can focus on the needs of your remaining family members.


Reducing Your Stress After the Passing of a Loved One


Our ultimate goal is to reduce your stress after a loved one passes away. We know that it can be hard to hang onto the memories while letting go of the situation. So, we are always striving for ways to reduce your burden. Our team offers a variety of funeral services to ensure that you can lay the person to rest peacefully, in a way that matches that person’s preferences.


We handle everything that needs to be addressed before and after the funeral. It starts with a consultation so that we can discuss your goals and preferences. Then, our team goes to work to take care of everything from transportation to program handouts and more. Not only do we provide general funeral services, but we can also assist with cremation as desired.


Local Funeral and Cremation in Cranston, RI


One of the benefits of working with our team is the years of experience that we bring to the funeral plan. With about a hundred years of service in the industry, we understand the unique factors that need to be handled to manage the way the person is laid to rest. When you tap into the services of a local funeral home, it feels good to know that you will always receive personalized services and unbeatable quality.


Some of the corporate-owned funeral homes need to report to shareholders and corporate managers. As a result, the services have been impacted over the years. But, at Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home, we are striving to provide the beautiful traditions that have been maintained through the generations. At the same time, we are here to help with modern funeral and cremation practices as well. Our focus is on your family and the community.


Customizing the Funeral Experience


The most important thing that you need to remember is that you have the opportunity to customize the funeral experience in the way that serves the need of your family. Since we offer a range of funeral and cremation services in Cranston, RI, you have the flexibility to choose the funeral plan that is a perfect fit for your preferences. We will discuss your options and help you design a plan that is catered to the requests of the deceased and the preferences of everyone in attendance.


We know that this funeral is your last opportunity to honor the life that was lived. So, we always encourage customizations so that you can build lasting memories with your loved ones. Our team wants to be sure that you have the support and care that you need to make it through this difficult time.


You could design the funeral plan in a short time if the death was unexpected. Or, we also offer the option to plan ahead so that you don’t need to be frantic with the funeral details. It is common for people to work through funeral arrangements for themselves, ensuring that the information is available for their family when it is time to plan the funeral.


There’s no reason to navigate the industry without support. It is essential that you tap into the expertise that is offered by a team that is here to assist with your needs and desires.


We are here to help with the full range of funeral and cremation services in Cranston, RI. For more information about your options, we encourage you to talk to the leaders in the local industry: Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home. Come to our location to see the facilities that are offered: 982 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI 02888. Or, call if you would like to schedule a meeting to learn more: (401) 461-4843