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Learning More About Cremation in East Greenwich, RI


It is normal to have questions about cremation when you aren’t familiar with the funeral home industry. Some families are nervous to ask the questions because they are scared of the unknown. But, the truth is that cremation can be a great solution depending on the situation. So, we encourage you to learn more about your options for cremation in East Greenwich, RI.


At Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home, we understand that cremation can seem like a big decision if you are only familiar with casket burial. Our team is here to answer your questions and help you learn about your choices. We’ve found that educating our customers about the possibilities that are available in the industry is the best solution. You can use this information to explore the options and design a funeral, memorial, or cremation that is a perfect fit for your family.


Why Cremation in East Greenwich, RI?

What are the reasons you should consider cremation instead of a traditional burial? Right now is a great time for you to learn about the benefits of cremation, helping you make the decisions that will be right for your loved one. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect if you choose cremation:


  • Cost: In most situations, cremation is an affordable alternative to traditional funeral services. If you choose a basic cremation, then you can skip the extra costs associated with a viewing, caskets, vaults, cemetery fees, and more. Saving money on these expenses not only reduces the cost of the event. But, decreasing the price can also eliminate the financial stress that is experienced by the family.

  • Simplicity: Funeral planning doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. At Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home, we’ve designed the perfect systems to simplify the planning process while maintaining respect and care for your family. It is common for people to find that cremation is simpler compared to traditional funeral planning. So, we are here to offer the services that you need without overcomplicating the process.

  • Flexibility: Also, consider the flexibility that is available when you don’t need to bury the body in a cemetery. If you choose to use a casket, then your options are limited because the casket needs to be placed in a dedicated location. On the other hand, cremated remains can be laid to rest in the location of your choice. We encourage people who desire flexibility to consider cremation instead of burial.

  • Tradition: Some families carry many generations of tradition that are centered around cremation after death. If you are working to maintain the tradition, then we encourage you to discuss your options with our team.


There’s no doubt that cremation is a great solution if you are looking for the benefits listed above. But, we know that cremation isn’t the right choice for every family. Since this service can’t be undone, it is important that you take the time that is needed to evaluate the options and choose the services that are right for your needs.


Where to Place the Ashes After Cremation


When we are done with the cremation in East Greenwich, RI, you will receive the ashes in the storage container of your choice. We can deliver the ashes in a temporary container that is used until the ashes are laid to rest. Or, you might choose a beautiful urn if you are planning to keep the ashes as a memorial.


You need to decide on the location that will support the needs of your family. Choose an outdoor place that has a special meaning and choose to scatter the ashes in that location. Or, you might keep the person close to home by creating a memorial garden or planting a tree on your property in their honor. Ashes can also be scattered over the water or kept in a mausoleum if desired.


As you can see, there are many options if you choose cremation over traditional burial. Our team at Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home encourages you to learn more about the services that are offered so that you can select the solution that supports the needs of your family.


More Information about Cremation


Where should you turn when you need more information about cremation services? You can use our online planning tool if you would like to explore your options without leaving the comfort of your home. We are also on call to answer your questions over the phone as needed. Finally, you can schedule a consultation with our team if you prefer an in-person conversation about cremation planning.


We offer caring, custom services for cremation in East Greenwich, RI. Talk to us at Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home or visit our location at 982 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI 02888. Call today: (401) 461-4843